Zero Waste Kit

Here is a list of items you need to start going zero waste.

Don’t just go and buy a bunch a stuff. Evaluate what you have at home and use what you have first before purchasing these items.

  1. Reusable bags – Preferably cotton / canvas bags because it’s better for the environment. You can also wash it once a week when you do your rags or towels.
  2. Glass jars – Start saving glass jars from your purchases and ask your friends to save the glass jars for you.
  3. Water bottle – I prefer stainless steel but you can use any water bottle you have. If you plan to buy new or second hand, try and avoid plastic or silicon.
  4. Cotton napkins – Use is as a napkin, handkerchief, placemat, towel, bandana, gift wrapper. The options are endless. 
  5. Flatware – No reason to buy new ones. Just grab some from home. I find chopsticks very useful.
  6. Reusable Straw – Occasionally you will need a straw for your smoothie. There are glass, stainless steel and bamboo options. I prefer glass so I can see if it’s cleaned properly.
  7. Reusable produce bags – It’s good to have different types. Get some super light ones because a lot of places do not allow you to deduct the tare of the bag and the thicker the material, the more you pay for the tare of the bag. Old pillowcases are great for big items such as bread and also for laying at the base of the grocery basket / cart.
  8. Bamboo toothbrush
  9. Castille soap – You can use this for pretty much everything. From brushing your teeth, to washing your hair and body, cleaning the floor and dishes.
  10. Baking soda
  11. Vinegar
  12. Coconut oil – A lot of zero wasters love this but I generally avoid coconut oil because it clogs pores. There are alternatives available. 
  13. Essential oils (whatever you like) – It’s not a necessity but it’s therapeutic.