I love Christmas and it is hard to decorate for Christmas without generating any waste. There was a time when I was in a Christmas frenzy and I would buy all kinds of Christmas decorations. I had a lot of leftover decorations from my previous life which I continue to use today because there is no point in throwing something that is perfectly good.


The best way to get into the Christmas mood is play some Christmas music. There are tons of free music thanks to Spotify, Pandora and YouTube.



Last year I bought a Christmas wreath from the farmers market. Eventually, the wreath dried out and went into the compost bin. I saved the frame. This year, I was tempted to buy something similar but I decided against it because my new place does not have composting facilities and I am not sure about feeding pine leaves to my worms. So, I decided to make my own wreath with existing materials that I have at home.


I like receiving cards for my birthday or for special occasions. It makes me feel special. I use the cards as decoration and eventually I would scan the card for memories (where possible) or recycle the cards. I’ve also started a new business and decided to send out 2017 calendars to my friends, clients and business associates. I am hoping that they will keep the card for the entire 2017 instead of throwing it away after the holidays. I also chose non-glossy cards so the cards can be recycled or composted when they no longer want it.


I collect Christmas ornaments from my travels. Every year, when we set up the Christmas Tree, we would reminisce about the trips and how or why we acquired the various ornaments. I am not a fan of baking sourdough ornaments. It is much too time consuming for a lazy person like me and I feel bad about throwing away the ornaments when the holidays are over. I am also not interested in ornaments if there is no story attached to it.


We use to buy Christmas scented candles but since the candles are gone, I told Husband that we will no longer be purchasing scented candles. I have to admit that the candles are pretty and it gives out a nice smell but candles can get expensive and potentially toxic. I tried looking for some zero waste methods to scent the house and I’ve decided that homemade potpourri is just too much work for me. Since I will be hosting a Christmas Lunch, I’ve decided to use our slow cooker to simmer some cinnamon sticks with clove and orange slices. Will see how that goes. I’m doing it in a slow cooker because I cannot trust myself in making sure that the water doesn’t dry out on the stove top.


This year, I have decided that I was going to shop for Christmas presents around my house or if I do purchase something, it would be in the form of experience or something that can be consumed. This year, I made doughnuts for my neighbors. I’m also thinking of movie tickets for the upcoming Star Wars film and you can almost never go wrong with a good bottle of wine. I also made Christmas ornaments for my close friends using existing materials that I have at home.

I actually hate giving or receiving gift cards because I think there is no thought that goes into that. I’ve had gift cards that I have held on to for years because I cannot figure what to use it on. I’d rather give or receive cash, Visa or Mastercard. However, I do buy gift cards for those I know who will use it and it’s usually gift cards for a grocery store which they frequent. I also did purchase a laptop as a Christmas present for my best friend but it took about a month to raise the necessary funds and coordinate the group effort.

As for Hubby, I’m not planning on buying him any presents this year. Last year, I bought him several Christmas gifts and he did not even bother to use any of it so it was a waste of money. This year, I’ve decided to organize a Christmas Lunch with his friends. I know he is looking forward to having his friends around. It’s an excellent excuse to deep clean the house. I’m also planning to get tickets to watch the Nutcracker and the Newport Beach Christmas Parade. I’m sure he will enjoy that too.


I’ve invited Husband’s friends over for Christmas lunch. I’m actually looking forward to it. I told them not to bring any gifts but they can bring alcohol. I also told them to skip the gift bag and wrapping because I’m just interested in the contents in the bottle. We are planning to play board games after lunch and I am sure it will be lots of fun. Trying to organize a zero waste Christmas lunch is going to be a challenge.


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