Dilemma of the Day

Since I resolved to use up all my skincare products which are wrapped in plastic packaging, I have been really diligent about using the products on a regular basis. Before, I applied body lotion as and when I felt the energy to do so but lately, I’ve been doing it each time after my shower. I have also been diligent about applying my mask on my face and on my back.

I am at this stage where I am inspired to make my own body lotion. I came across Lauren’s video on How to Make Whipped Body Butter. To make the Whipped Body Butter, I have most of the ingredients except shea butter and cocoa butter. I go on Amazon and they do sell those products but it is wrapped in packaging that is made of mixed material. Most of them looks like it is wrapped in paper with foil inside. I then googled where to buy shea butter near me and those store sells shea butter in plastic tubs.

Here is the dilemma, should I buy the products and hope that I can recycle the packaging or should I just buy body lotion in a glass jar which I can reuse again. Based on the principle of zero waste, I should refuse packaging especially those that I cannot recycle. On the other hand, body lotion sold in glass jars are a lot more expensive compared to its plastic counterparts. Maybe I should skip the shea butter and cocoa butter completely if I cannot buy it in bulk and just use coconut oil. Ugh.


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